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Streamlining the way property professionals use technology to assess the viability of new property projects all under one central suite.

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What is Propflex?

With Propflex, property professionals can source, appraise, manage, and assess the viability of their development projects all under one online platform. The free suite of tools enables customers to finance and market their new stock.

Developers can get reliable insights into project cashflows, manage multiple projects and simplify their workflows by using our integrated features. Source properties and lots from our auction listings.  Acquire quick quotes and integrate financing costs directly into your project assessments to evaluate their feasibility and profit margins. 

It’s time to eliminate manual spreadsheets to a more efficient approach. We’re here to solve your challenges with supercharged technology that enables you to source properties, get quotes, assess profit margins and feasibility, own and manage multiple projects and more. 

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Key Features






Portfolio Management

Key Features

Who is it for?

Whether you’re a single developer, or a part of a larger team, we can assist you to source properties, accumulate and assess all the required metrics you need into one place, to unlock the value of the opportunities you find.

With Propflex, property professionals can source, appraise, manage, and assess the feasibility of their development projects all under one central platform. Propflex enables property professionals to finance and market their new stock online. 

Our mission

To revolutionise technology in the specialist finance sector, we have built our own in-house tech team over the last few years. By integrating different tools, we can find solutions to key stakeholder pain points, build efficiencies, and streamline ways of sourcing finance for property professionals.

We offer our clients exclusive access to financing options tailored to their specific needs and streamline the process up to funding with Propflex. As a result of Propflex, sites can be appraised quickly, and funds can be completed efficiently. 

Utilising our comprehensive suite of tools, our goal is to offer consistent packaging, rapid appraisals, thorough deal analysis, and facilitate transparent communication among key stakeholders.

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It usually takes a few minutes to create quick quotes.

You can replicate an existing appraisal with just one simple click.  

Creating an appraisal typically takes around 15 minutes. 

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Propflex is a free tool. If you haven’t already, you can sign up for free here. 

Yes, for any queries, you can contact or get in touch via our live chat. 

If you still have questions, please email us at

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